Protecting Lake Lillinonah through Monitoring and Advocacy

Fairfield University | Friends of the Lake

Lake associations and individual researchers teaming up means more comprehensive and impactful monitoring programs. Lake Lillinonah in Connecticut has the benefit of being the subject of many researchers' work as well as being under the protection of Friends of the Lake (FOTL). Jen Klug, Professor of Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences at Fairfield […]
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Superbuoy (a CB-950) deployed on Buffalo Pound Lake on a clear day

Combating Water Insecurity Through Real-Time Systems

University of Saskatchewan | Global Water Futures Observatories

In regions impacted by water insecurity, water quality monitoring can be foundational in improving water treatment and informing environmental regulations that protect source water. Helen Baulch, an associate professor at the School of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan, relies on real-time water quality monitoring systems in her work, focusing on making the […]
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Global Institute for Water Security, University of Saskatchewan staff- Sheena McInnes and Heather Wilson- conduct winter limnology on a Saskatchewan reservoir, Canada at -30oC. (Credit: Rebecca North / MU Limnology Lab, University of Missouri-Columbia)

Measuring Light Attenuation in Missouri Reservoirs

Thin Ice Project | National Science Foundation

Missouri reservoirs serve as critical water resources, yet these reservoirs suffer from harmful algal blooms, which can make water treatment difficult and influence the use of the water bodies. Understanding why lakes turn green is one of the first steps to learning more about HABs and how to better respond to them. Rebecca North, an […]
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A CB-950 deployed in Belize. (Credit: Albert Jones / CCCCC)

Sustainable Climate Monitoring in the Caribbean

Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre

Coral reefs in the Caribbean are critical habitats for fish and other aquatic species that support the local and global food market. Despite their global significance, coral reef monitoring is often neglected due to the cost of installation and maintenance for monitoring networks. Albert Jones, Instrumentation Officer for the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC), […]
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Freshwater Beach Monitoring in Chicago

Chicago Parks District

Chicago’s beachgoers travel from near and far to enjoy Lake Michigan’s cool waters during the summer months. Like ocean beach fronts, resource managers work throughout the year to monitor water quality and environmental conditions on freshwater beaches to ensure that people are able to access the resource safely. Maggie Warren, the water quality project manager […]
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A Nexsens datalogger sits on the open lid of its metal housing attached to Langley Bridge overlooking the Neosho River downstream of Pensacola Dam.

Remote Water Quality Monitoring in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Water is integral to all aspects of life, yet many people neglect to consider where their water comes from. Whether it is used for drinking or recreating, water feeds human and natural resources in the watershed. In order to protect all of the interconnected resources, keeping aquatic systems healthy is necessary, according to Sarah Dexter, […]
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Sediment Monitoring During the Klamath Dam Removal

Gravity Consulting

Leading up to the 21st century, the United States supported decades of dam construction in major waterways across the country. Many of these dams were hydroelectric facilities built in order to provide energy to nearby towns and cities. Unfortunately, these dams deteriorated the surrounding environment and harmed aquatic life. Many of these dams cut off […]
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Data buoy in seemingly clean water, but the white foamy scum on the water surface contained high concentrations of cyanobacteria

Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring and Modeling with Real-Time Technology

Yokota Lab at SUNY Oneonta and Otsego Lake Association

In 2022, Otsego Lake in New York became one of many lakes to experience its first cyanobacterial bloom. While the cause is still unknown, the blooms may be an indicator of various water quality issues resulting from invasive species, runoff events or other environmental stressors. To get to the bottom of the mystery, Kiyoko Yokota, […]
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Tackling Beach Safety with UK's First Bacterial Monitoring Buoy

RS Hydro

Beaches full of swimmers are a common sight during the warm summer months. Perhaps never more so than during the 2022 heat wave that swept across Europe and brought record-high temperatures to many areas. With warmer temperatures and more beachgoers looking to cool off with a swim in the sea, water quality at popular beach […]
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Chris Lowe CSU Shark Lab data buoy

Understanding Shark Behavior through Sensing Technology

Cal State University Shark Lab

Shark sightings along California’s beaches are increasing. Legislation enacted in the 1990s has effectively helped shark populations recover from overfishing in prior decades that depleted both sharks and their food supply. While scientists and environmentalists view this resurgence of sharks as a positive for the ecosystem, it has another effect - more frequent occurrence of […]
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