Step 4- Project Creation and Site Addition

If the Quick Device Setup was not utilized to claim the device, create a new project.

  1. Navigate to the Project List page
    1. If adding a new project to an existing account, click on PROJECTS under the top menu drop down
  2. Click the Create New Project panel
  3. Fill out the form with the following information
    1. Name: The project’s name
    2. Description (optional): A one-liner that encompasses the entire project
    3. Project Image (optional): Upload a picture to represent the project
    4. Overview (optional): A detailed description of the project
      • If nothing is entered here, a default block of text about WQData LIVE will be included


Once this is completed, or if the logger was claimed using the Quick Device Setup, the settings can be changed in the Project and Site Settings Menu

  1. Navigate to the Project and Site Settings dialog
    1. If following along with the getting started tutorial the dialog will appear automatically after creating a project
    2. If adding a new site or device to an existing project, click on the gear box in the site panel
  2. Click CREATE to make a new site
  3. Give the site a name
  4. Enter the location by either clicking on the map and clicking on a location or by entering the latitude and longitude
    1. The Use device GPS option will continually update the map location based on an attached GPS sensor if this is available for the device type
  5. Use the slider to choose a default zoom level
  6. Assign devices to the site.
    1. Enter a “Claim Code” (found on product quick start or box) into the dialog and click ADD NEW
  7. The device will now appear in the Assigned Devices list and can subsequently be removed from the site by clicking the arrow to move it back to the Unassigned Devices list

After saving the new Site, click Here to advance to the Remote Device Configuration Setup overview