Rewriting the template onto the USB is sometimes required in order to revive a troublesome USB cable.

1. Follow the instructions in USB Cable Test to install the software and connect to the cable.

2. Contact a NexSens technician ( to obtain the correct .xml file.

2. Select the Device in the Device Tree.

3. Right click the device and select Apply Template | From File.

Reprogram_FTDI_USB_Cable_ 1

Figure 1: Apply Template


4. Navigate to and select the file obtained from NexSens technician in Step 2.

5. Click OK in the dialog that appears stating “The template was successfully applied.”

6. Click Devices | Program.

7. Ensure only the device in question is checked and click Program.

Reprogram_FTDI_USB_Cable_ 2

Figure 2: Reprogram the Device


8. Confirm Finished Programming appears in the status bar in the bottom before it returns to Ready.

9. Click Close.

10. Exit the FT_Prog software and test the USB cable.

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