1. Access the Remote Device Configuration menu for the data logger on the WQData LIVE Project.
  2. Navigate to the Parameter Settings section of the menu.
  3. Expand the sensor list to reveal the parameter for which the offset is to be applied.
  4. Enter the desired offsets into the A, B, C settings fields below the parameter.
    1. These coefficients follow the format a+bx+cx², where is the raw parameter value recorded by the sensor each scheduled reading.
    2. All offsets must be entered in the native output unit for the parameter, regardless of whether the display unit has been converted on the project Dashboard.
      1. In the configuration example below, a +15 foot offset will be added to each logged level reading from the PT-500 since the default unit output for the transducer is in feet .
  5. Click SAVE once the offset(s) have been entered and verify that the change appears in the Command Queue at the bottom of the Remote Device Configuration menu.
  6. CLOSE the menu. The new offset will be applied to all readings following the next scheduled transmission of the logger.