The Timed Transmission setting in the Remote Device Configuration menu determines how often the data logger will power-up its telemetry to contact the WQData LIVE Data Center.

Each transmission the data logger will : (1) Upload all new logged data and (2) Process all configuration changes active in the Command Queue.

  1. Access the Remote Device Configuration menu for the data logger on the WQData LIVE Project.
  2. Navigate to the Time Based Transmission section of the menu.
  3. Enter the desired Transmission interval.
    1. Increasing transmission frequencies will increase power demand- for solar-charged systems, this may need adjusted seasonally to be sustainable.
    2. Do NOT configure transmission frequencies faster than 5 minutes without first consulting NexSens Technology.
  4. Ensure the Starting at field displays a past date and time. Otherwise the logger will not transmit until the listed time.
  5. Click Save and ensure that the change appears in the Command Queue at the bottom of the Remote Device Configuration menu.
  6. CLOSE the menu. The new transmission interval will take effect after the next scheduled transmission on the data logger
    1. The change will be immediately applied by disconnecting and re-applying power to the logger.