Lufft WS401 Multi-Parameter Weather Sensor

The Lufft WS401 Multi-Parameter Weather Sensor simultaneously measures air temperature, humidity, pressure & precipitation in a compact platform with ventilated housing.


  • Integrated tipping bucket allows a 0.2mm or a 0.5mm resolution of rainfall
  • Easily mounts to 2" diameter pipe with integrated bracket mount & U-bolts
  • SDI-12 output for integration with NexSens and other data loggers


The Lufft WS401 Multi-Parameter Weather Sensor offers a cost-effective, compact alternative for the acquisition of a variety of measurement parameters on land- and buoy-based weather stations. Depending on the model, each sensor will measure a different combination of weather parameters to meet a wide variety of applications.

Air Temperature & Humidity
Temperature is measured using a highly accurate NTC-resistor, while humidity is measured using a capacitive humidity sensor. Both sensors are located in a ventilated radiation shield to reduce the effects of solar radiation.

Absolute air pressure is measured using a built-in MEMS sensor. The relative air pressure referenced to sea level is calculated using the barometric formula with the aid of the local altitude, which is user-configurable on the equipment.

Precipitation is measured using an integrated tipping bucket rain gauge. The flexible tipping bucket can be configured for 0.2mm or 0.5mm rainfall resolution.


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