HyQuest Solutions WeatherSens MPR101 Rain Sensor

The HyQuest Solutions WeatherSens MPR101 Rain Sensor is designed for reliable and maintenance-free liquid precipitation measurements in hydrology, meteorology and weather-dependent applications.


  • Aluminum alloy with Teflon coating for harsh environments
  • Easy integration into 3rd party systems via SDI-12 or RS-485 Modbus RTU
  • Low power consumption ideal for battery/solar powered systems


HyQuest Solutions’ innovative WeatherSens MPR101 rain sensor provides precise and maintenance-free measurement of rain by photoelectric technology. The compact sensor is designed without any moving parts and with embedded electronic for high-speed signal processing and calculation in order to provide real-time rain data.

The sensor provides drift-free measurements by differerential and ratiometric signal analysis and methods for compensation of long term and temperature induced errors. After that, the individual water content of each hydrometeor can be derived, aggregated and the gliding intensity and amount of rain is provided.

The measuring area of 50 cm² is large enough to provide representative data and to allow for comparison of computed data to traditional long term deployed catching rain gauges (such as manual check gauges, tipping bucket or weighing precipitation gauges with large catching areas from 100 cm² on).


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