Observator ANALITE NEP5000 Turbidity Sensor

The ANALITE NEP5000 digital turbidity sensor with integrated wiping is designed for environmental monitoring and process applications.


  • Smart sensor stores calibration information internally
  • Integrated wiper assembly for high bio-fouling environments
  • Contact us for pricing on custom sensor configurations


The ANALITE NEP5000 digital turbidity sensor is designed for environmental monitoring and process applications. The sensor is extremely accurate and stable, even at NTU levels below 10. Multiple range options are avaiable for drinking and clean water applications, multi-purpose use, process control applications. All models include three user-selectable ranges with auto-range capability. Integrated digital and/or analog output allows for connection to external data loggers and PLC's. Given that calibration information is stored on the probe, sensors can easily be swapped in the field without the need to recalibrate. Sensor calibration and configuration is performed using the Configuration Kit and Windows-based PC using the included software. The sensor incorporates an integrated wiper for applications with high bio-fouling, and wiper settings are configurable through the Configuration Kit. The integrated MCBH-6-MP connector is compatible with any standard MCIL 6-pin female cable assembly.


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WY-90-D-S12-NO-SM-V2-TN-PNWY-90-D-S12-NO-SM-V2-TN-PNANALITE NEP5000 turbidity sensor with wiper, 90 degree optics, Delrin housing, SDI-12 output, MCBH-6-MP connector & Low 10 Medium 400 High 5000 NTU rangequick_quote