SonTek Argonaut-ADV Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter

The SonTek Argonaut-ADV is designed to measure water flow (velocity and direction) in shallow water environments and is built to withstand extreme conditions.


  • Robust 3-D velocity measurements in a compact, easy-to-use package
  • Fixed sampling volume of 0.25cc located 10 cm from transducers
  • 4 MB internal memory for over 100,000 samples


Providing robust velocity measurements in a compact, easy-to-use package, the SonTek Argonaut-ADV is the ultimate instrument for shallow water flow monitoring. Ideal for low-flow applications in shallow streams, marshes, lakes, or water treatment facilities, the 3-axis (3D) Argonaut-ADV's advanced Doppler technology measures single-point velocity away from flow obstructions. All signal processing is done internally, allowing the Argonaut-ADV to be readily integrated with a wide range of additional sensors.


  • ViewArgonaut software
  • Sample low flows down to 0.001 m/s (0.003 ft/s)
  • Operates in as little as 25 mm (1 in.)
  • RS-232, SDI-12, or 4-20 mA output modules
  • Low power consumption
  • Internal data logging
  • Compact and light
  • Optional sensors for pollution monitoring
  • Optional plastic or stainless steel mounting clamps


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