The NexSens T-Node FR Temperature Sensor provides high precision measurements in a connectorized and addressable architecture for water quality profiling.


Titanium Thermistor

Each node features an integral titanium thermistor secured and epoxied in a protective housing for underwater deployments.

Marine-Grade Cable

Nodes are connected in-series using marine-grade cables with braided Kevlar core and double O-ring seals. Cables are available in increments from 0.5m to 50m.

High Accuracy

Each sensor is accurate to +/-0.075 C. The exposed titanium thermistor makes direct contact with water, allowing readings to stabilize within 60 seconds.

Data Output

Temperature data is transmitted on a RS-485 Modbus RTU string bus for integration with data loggers and SCADA systems.


Optional accessories include water quality sensors, pressure sensors, signal splitters, cable clamps, mooring line, and communication adapters.
Range0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)
T90 Response Time60 seconds
Refresh Rate2 seconds
Maximum Sensors250
Maximum Length1219m (4000 ft)
CommunicationsRS-485 Modbus RTU
Power Requirement4 - 28 VDC
Current Draw Per Node1.3mA active; 0.35mA sleep; 0.05mA deep sleep
Connection SealDouble o-ring, gland and face seal
Connector8 pin, sensorBUS
Dimensions13.46cm L x 3.56cm Dia. (5.3” L x 1.4” Dia.)