The NexSens T-Node FR Temperature Sensor provides high precision measurements in a connectorized and addressable architecture for water quality profiling.

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Titanium Thermistor

Each node features an integral titanium thermistor secured and epoxied in a protective housing for underwater deployments.

Marine-Grade Cable

Nodes are connected in-series using marine-grade cables with braided Kevlar core and double O-ring seals. Cables are available in increments from 0.5m to 50m.

High Accuracy

Each sensor is accurate to +/-0.075 C. The exposed titanium thermistor makes direct contact with water, allowing readings to stabilize within 60 seconds.

Data Output

Temperature data is transmitted on a RS-485 Modbus RTU string bus for integration with data loggers and SCADA systems.


Optional accessories include water quality sensors, pressure sensors, signal splitters, cable clamps, mooring line, and communication adapters.