G2-ISI Water Level & Quality Monitor

The NexSens G2-ISI provides live data access to In-Situ smart sensors. Included solar power pack and integral cellular system provide real-time data and notifications.

Document and Resource Library

Simple Integration with In-Situ

Connect an In-Situ Level TROLL, Aqua TROLL, or RDO sensor to the G2-ISI's connector and let the system autodetect the pre-configured parameter output and begin recording. No need to manually configure the logger to record the correct data.

Real-Time Updates

An embedded cellular modem provides live, customizable water level and quality notifications on a mobile device or computer.

Fully Featured Design

The G2-ISI incorporates logger, transmitter, solar power, and online data management into a streamlined design. All equipment comes pre-mounted to a 2" NPT MAST. This simplifies setup and maintenance and allows the system to be used in a wide range of applications and environments. Simply connect the In-Situ smart sensor and the G2-ISI begins recording and transmitting data.

WQData LIVE Web Data Portal

View live and historic data in a simple and intuitive interface from any web-enabled device. WQData LIVE is optimized for mobile devices to provide a great experience regardless of screen size.

Remote Configuration

No need for a site visit to make configuration changes. Queue the commands online and the remote G2-ISI will be configured on the next transmission connection.