CB-40 Data Buoy

The CB-40 offers a compact and affordable platform for deploying water quality sondes and other instruments that integrate power and data logging

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With an overall 14-inch diameter by 48-inch height, the CB-40 can be deployed quickly and easily from a small boat. Fully configured systems typically weigh around 45 lbs.

Topside Plate

A stainless steel topside plate supports solar marine lights and offers a convenient lifting point via (3) eyenuts.

Center Hole

The center hole offers instrument access and includes space for additional instrumentation, battery packs, or other waterproof electronics.

Multi-Vendor Compatibility

Compatible instruments include YSI 6-Series & EXO sondes, Hydrolab Series 5 & HL sondes, Eureka Sub 2 & Manta 2 sondes, and In-Situ TROLL 9500 instruments.

Instrument Pipe

A 4-inch stainless steel instrument pipe securely houses the sonde or water quality instrument and includes slotted holes for water flow.

Solar Beacon

The optional solar marine light has a one to three nautical mile range and securely mounts to the buoy top plate for maximum visibility.

Built to Last

Constructed of cross-linked polyethylene foam with a heavy polymer skin and an indestructible stainless steel frame, the CB-40 is designed for years of service.


ImageProduct TitleProduct Description
NexSens M550 1-3NM Solar Marine LightNexSens M550 1-3NM Solar Marine LightNexSens M550 solar marine lights are designed for mounting to the CB-Series data buoys per USCG requirements.