NexSens Stainless Steel Swivels

Stainless steel bow shackles securely connect mooring chain and custom-built SS mooring lines to NexSens data buoys and pyramid anchors.


  • Ideal for mooring NexSens data buoys with a single point mooring
  • 360 degree screw pin jaw-to-jaw swivel helps prevent tangling and tension in mooring lines
  • 316 SS construction provides corrosion resistance in fresh and salt water applications


ImagePart#Product DescriptionQuote
SWIV375JJSSiSWIV375JJSSiStainless steel swivel, jaw-to-jaw, 3/8"request_quote
SWIV500JJSSiSWIV500JJSSiStainless steel swivel, jaw-to-jaw, 1/2"request_quote
SWIV625JJSSiSWIV625JJSSiStainless steel swivel, jaw-to-jaw, 5/8"request_quote
SWIV750JJSSiSWIV750JJSSiStainless steel swivel, jaw-to-jaw, 3/4"request_quote