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Weather Station

Weather stations alert to current conditions and provide data for predictive models. Specifying and building a research-grade weather station is straightforward with NexSens data loggers and industry-standard sensors. Real-time data telemetry and flexible mounting options facilitate setup and data collection even in remote locations.

Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and other agencies have established dissolved oxygen limits for hydropower facility operations to minimize dam impacts on the local aquatic habitats. NexSens dissolved oxygen systems offer a flexible sensor, data logging, and communications platform to monitor these levels in near real-time.

X2-SDLMC Submersible Data Logger

The X2-SDLMC is a rugged, self-powered remote data logging and telemetry system specifically designed for offshore use without fear of accidental flooding.

CB-25 Data Buoy

The CB-25 data buoy is a compact, affordable, and easy to deploy platform for both water and atmospheric observations.

HABs Detection System

Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are an issue associated with eutrophication, the presence of excess nutrients in water. Rapid growth of organisms like cyanobacteria can deplete oxygen levels, increase stratification, and produce harmful toxins. NexSens automated detection systems can help track HABs and predict when potentially hazardous conditions are forming.

Tide Gauges

Tide gauges measure tidal fluctuations, instantaneous water depths and long-term water depth averages in coastal areas. NexSens automated tide gauge systems utilize the latest sensor technology to deliver accurate, comprehensive data for long-term trend analysis, near and long-term forecasting and alerting of extreme conditions.

Acid Mine Runoff Monitoring

Acid mine drainage (AMD), also known as acid and metalliferous drainage, occurs when acidic water is released into the environment from active or abandoned mine sites. This can lower the pH and introduce toxins like heavy metals in a watershed. Continuous monitoring at and near mine sites helps to detect, track the efficacy of mitigating measures, and even prevent AMD.

CB-25-SVS Wave Buoy

The CB-25-SVS Wave Buoy offers the latest in real-time wave observations in a compact, affordable, and easy to deploy platform with flexible communications and optional expansion with additional sensors.

Emergency Response Buoy

The need to watch, warn, and take action against emergent problems, whether related to maritime accidents, industrial spills or natural disasters, calls for an efficient and reliable emergency response system. In emergency situations, the ability to stay connected and efficiently track conditions is critical and can even mean the difference between life and death.

Seametrics Multi-Parameter Water Quality Loggers

The Seametrics Multi-Parameter Logger is available in 5 configurations to measure combinations of water level, conductivity, pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and temperature.