Alarms for email or SMS notifications can be configured, managed, and checked through the Project Admin|Alarm Tab

Step 14- Add New Alarm(s)

Provide Alarm Name and Basic Description- Multi-trigger will continuously send notifications as long as the condition(s) is met


This alarm will trigger only when one or more of the readings in the last 10 minutes have a DO value </= 5mg/L AND a corresponding temperature value> 25C

Set a Trigger Condition for when notifications will be sent. These can include multiple conditions and can be set up such that  any single parameter can trigger the alarm, or it can be set to require that all conditions be met for a more detailed alarm. The alarm will be checked each time new data is uploaded

Currently Email (and SMS) are the only available notification methods. The Project Dashboard site marker will also change color and indicate if an alarm is active. Checking the ‘Include Current Parameter Value’ box will display the actual data value in the message.


For configuring a group of individuals to receive the notification, a new group may be created here or added in the primary Admin Alarm menu. Modifications to this recipient list can be made at any time and will automatically apply the change to all alarms the group is tagged on.


Configure a Reset condition for the alarm as desired. When the conditions are reached, email/SMS notifications, similar to the trigger ones, can be sent out to the desired recipients.

Once the alarm settings are completed, Save the Alarm and review the configuration.

Alarm Overview Menu


If there are multiple systems with the same alarm, or only minor variations on a core alarm, the Added Alarm can be cloned. The new alarm name has a ‘-clone’ designation and will be disabled by default. Make the desired modifications from the Alarm Overview menu, rename, and save the second alarm.

All Alarms for a project can be viewed on the Primary Admin|Alarm menu. Triggered alarms can be acknowledged and dismissed, and the status of all alarms can be monitored such as when each were last checked.