Step 1- Create WQData LIVE Account

A  WQData LIVE account must be used in order to begin device setup on the web. If an existing account is not available for use, create a new one for free here.

Clicking the ‘Sign In’ toggle will allow current users to log-in and claim the device into a new Untitled Project if desired.

Step 2- Locate Logger Claim Code

Each X2, G2, and iSIC V2 will have an associated claim code used to pull the device information into a specific project using the aforementioned WQData LIVE account. This code is displayed on a serial label often attached to a Quick Start document or card located with the logger or placed in a maintenance kit.

Step 3- Claim Device

Checking the ‘Device Quick Setup’ will place the logger inside an Untitled Project under the active login account. If adding a new logger to an existing project, this can be added later in the Project and Site Settings Menu on the Dashboard if desired.

If remote communications are factory-tested, click HERE to move on to the WQData LIVE Project configuration.

If the system telemetry needs to be setup, please follow the links below prior to advancing:

My Logger uses Cellular telemetry.

My Logger uses Satellite telemetry.

My Logger uses Ethernet telemetry.