The X2 is designed with flexibility and simplicity in mind. In keeping with this, the X2 has an ever growing list of supported sensors and the ability for users to add custom sensors as needed.

Tier 1 Sensors

These sensors are recommended for users with limited resources in terms of sensor knowledge and time. They have been selected to allow for simple plug and play connectivity. The sensor will be automatically detected by the X2 and no further setup is required in order to begin recording data.

  1. Airmar 110/150/200WX [Weather Station]
    • RS-232 (4800 8N1)
  2. APG PT500 [Level Sensor]
    • RS-485 Modbus (9600 8N1)
  3. INW PT12 [Level Sensor]
    • SDI-12 (1200 7E1)
  4. NexSens T-Node FR [Underwater Temperature String]
    • RS-485 Modbus (19200 8N1)
  5. Stevens Hydraprobe II [Soil Moisture Sensor]
    • SDI-12 (1200 7E1)
  6. YSI ODO [Dissolved Oxygen Sensor]
    • RS-485 GSI (115200 8N1)
  7. In-Situ RDO PRO-X [Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor]
    • RS485 Modbus or SDI-12
  8. Garmin [GPS 19x HVS High Sensitivity Receiver]
    • NMEA 0183
  9. Vaisala GMP 251 [Carbon Dioxide Probe]
    • RS-485 (19200 8N1)
  10. Airmar EchoRange SS510 [Smart Sonar Depth Sensor]
    • NMEA 0183 (4800)

*The only setup that may be required prior to connecting these sensors to an X2 would be to ensure any addressable sensors are assigned unique addresses.

Tier 2 Sensors

These sensors require limited setup prior to connection. The scope of this varies by sensor type but typically includes setting up a template, configuring the device or selecting the parameter output. Often these tasks are done with a separate PC program provided by the sensor manufacturer.

  1. In-Situ Aquatroll Sonde [Multi-Parameter Water Quality Probe]
    • RS-485 Modbus (19200 8N1)
  2. YSI 6-Series or EXO Sonde [Multi-Parameter Water Quality Probe]
    • SDI-12 (1200 7E1)
  3. WetLabs WQM [Multi-Parameter Water Quality Probe]
    • RS-232 (19200 8N1)
  4. Lufft WS-Series [Weather Station]
    • RS-485 Modbus (19200 8N1)
  5. Vaisala WXT530 Series [Weather Station]
    • SDI-12 (1200 7E1)
  6. NexSens mV Adapter [Analog to Digital Converter]
    • RS-485 Modbus (19200 8N1)
  7. Nortek Aquadopp [Current Meter]
    • RS-232 (115200 8N1)
  8. FloWav PSA-AV [Area Velocity Flow Sensor]
    • RS-485 Modbus (9600 8N1)
  9. Sequoia LISST-ABS [Acoustic Backscatter Sensor]
    • SDI-12
  10. AML Micro-X [single sensor probe]
    • RS-232 (38400 8N1)
  11. Seabird Scientific SUNA V2 (Submersible Ultraviolet Nitrate Analyzer)
    • RS232 (57600), SDI-12

Tier 3 Sensors

These sensors are not natively supported by the X2, but can be added through the creation of a user-defined script. The script is written in Lua and utilizes NexSens created functions to simplify programming. As long as the sensor communicates using SDI-12, RS-485, or RS-232 and can be powered from a 12V supply, it should be compatible with the X2. Please contact NexSens for further details.