The X2 is capable of automatically detecting supported sensors and sending all necessary configuration information to WQData LIVE without the need for any manual setup.

Initial Autodetect

The X2 scans for attached sensors on every power cycle if none have previously been found. When first configuring a system, all sensors should be connected before applying power.

Redetect Sensors

If a sensor is added to or removed from the logger after the initial autodetect, a Detect procedure can be manually triggered from either WQData LIVE or the embedded web interface.

Detection Process

The detection process loops through all possible supported sensors and determines if any are connected to the three sensor ports on the data logger. The detection process then determines which port each sensor is installed for power switching purposes.

Once sensors are found, an initial data acquisition is performed and the resulting data is pushed to the WQData LIVE web data center to ensure all sensors are working as expected.1

Allow up to 5 minutes for the detection to complete.2

Sensor Preparation

In order for a sensor to be detected, it must have a unique address in the search range. By default, the following are checked:

  • Modbus addresses 1-30 are checked
  • SDI-12 addresses 0-9 are checked
  • RS-232 ports 0, 1, and 2 are checked3

Please see the Sensor Addresses article for more information on how sensors addressing works.

If a sensor is connected to the system but cannot be found, ensure the following:

  • No sensors share the same SDI-12 or Modbus address
  • The sensor and its particular version is supported by the X2
  • The baud rate and frame is set to the default for the sensor
  • The sensor operates properly using the sensor manufacturer’s provided software

Requires active telemetry connection to WQData LIVE
2 Detection and initial data acquisition may require longer than 5 minutes depending on the connected sensor’s required read duration
3 As there is no standard addressing for RS-232 communication, only one RS-232 sensor is typically allowed per sensor port