The X2 is capable of configuring select supported sensors through the WQData LIVE remote command interface. For example, the configuration feature can be used to calibrate dissolved oxygen 100% saturation levels or set magnetic declination information specific to each sensor.

The X2 will send commands directly to the sensor to perform the configuration and report the time of success to WQData LIVE. The sensor status LED will be active while the configuration is taking place, as described in the X2 LED section.

Simple data offsets or scaling can be applied through WQData LIVE using the coefficient variables available on each parameter detected in the X2.

Current Supported Sensor Configurations

  • YSI ODO – Optical Dissolved Oxygen 100% Saturation
    • This calibration sets a new 100% saturation value in the sensor, based on the local barometric pressure temperature.
    • Before starting a calibration, the sensor should be placed in a 100% air-saturated water or water-saturated air long enough for the sensor to stabilize
    • Once the calibration is completed, the latest calibration time will be updated on WQData LIVE