The X2 allows users to log data to its internal memory at a certain log interval and transmit it at a different interval. This feature is useful for reducing the systems data usage and telemetry on-time. Users can then periodically access and download the data directly from the unit when on site.

Options include the ability to completely disable a certain parameter or the ability to upload that reading every x number of samples. For example, if the sensor is configured to log every 60 minutes, but the user only wants to upload the data 4 times a day, they can opt to “Upload 1 of every 6 data points”. This will result in data being logged internally every hour, but only the 12AM, 6AM, 12PM, and 6PM data being transmitted (Over an 80% reduction in transmitted data).

This feature is particularly useful in Iridium data systems where data transmission is very expensive and frequently only periodic data is needed in real-time to ensure the system is still operational.