Each project file contains information about every sensor that was connected to the computer while that file was open, as well as any data that was collected during that time.

When WQSensors software first runs, it defaults to “Project_1”. This is the default name for the first project file.


Project_1 default name in WQSensors

Figure 1: Default screen in the File tab shows Existing Project profile


To create a new project, click the New button in the File tab and enter a project name. Click OK when finished.


Click new for sample project

Figure 2 : Sample project created by clicking New in the File tab


To open a previously created project, click Open from the File menu. Select the project to open and click OK. WQSensors software will begin using that project file as the current project.


click file open to open previous project

Figure 3: Click File | Open to open a previously created project

To rename the current project, select Rename from the File menu. Enter a new name and click OK. Only the current project can be renamed.


Click File Rename to rename a project

Figure 4: Click File | Rename to give a project a new name



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