micro-T software requires the correct driver to be installed for successful operation. The new 1-wire driver is not compatible with micro-T software and will result in no micro-T devices being found. The old driver is included in the micro-T installation and should be used instead.

1. Uninstall the 1-Wire driver if it was already installed.

2. Click Start | Control Panel.

3. Click System.

4. Click the Hardware tab.

5. Click Device Manager.

6. Expand the 1-Wire Devices section.

7. Right click on the USB Host Adapter for 1-Wire Network using WinUSB and click uninstall.

Uninstall 1-Wire Device

Figure 1: Uninstall 1-Wire Device


8. Select Yes in the dialog that appears.

Confirmation Screen

Figure 2: Confirm Uninstall


9. Unplug the micro-T USB cable.

10. Plug the USB back into the computer.

11. When the “Found New Hardware Wizard” appears, select Install from a list or specific location.

Figure 3: Manual Installation


12. Check the Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install circle.

Figure 4: Don’t Search Selection


13. Click the Have Disk… button.

Figure 5: Browse for file


14. Click Browse…

15. Navigate to C:\Program Files\NexSens\micro-T\Driver and select the DS24902k.inf file and click Open.

Figure 6: Navigate to micro-T Driver Folder


16. Click OK on the “Install From Disk” dialog box.

17. Click Next >.

18. Wait for the driver to install and click Finish.

Figure 7: Driver Installation


The micro-T devices will now be recognized by the micro-T software.


REV: 14C24

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