The default driver that Windows installs for the USB Reader may not allow the micro-T software to recognize the device.

1. Right click on Computer  on the desktop or from the Start menu and select Manage.


7-25-2013 8-51-21 AM

Figure 1: Open Device Manager


2. Select Device Manager from the left panel.

3. Locate and expand 1 Wire Devices.


Locate 1 Wire Devices

Figure 2: Locate 1 Wire Devices

4. Right click on the device found under 1 Wire Devices and select Uninstall from the dropdown menu.


Figure 3: Uninstall Driver


5. Confirm the driver should be uninstalled.

6. Unplug the USB wire from the computer.

7. Plug the USB cable back into the computer.

8. In the Found New Hardware Wizard dialog that appears select Install from a list or specific location and click Next.


Found New Hardware

Figure 4: Found New Hardware


9. Check the Include this location in the search: box and type the following into the below box.

  • C:\Program Files\NexSens\micro-T\Driver
Select Correct File Location

Figure 5: Select correct file location


10. Click Next and wait for the driver to install.



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