In order for NexSens iChart and weatherVIC software to run correctly on Windows Vista and newer (7, 8, 8.1, 10) computers, consideration must be taken with regard to administrator access. iChart and weatherVIC write data to the instillation directory during normal operation. Therefore, the user must have write access to this directory. Windows Vista and new computer have incorporated safety features that prevent files from being written to the iChart or weatherVIC “Program Files” folder unless the program is explicitly run as an administrator (even when run on an administrators user account).

To circumvent this issue, iChart can be installed in the following location instead of the default Program Files folder.


When installed in this location, every user has write access to the folder and the software will run correctly.


Alternatively, iChart can be installed in the default location and then run as an administrator using one of the two below methods.


Selecting Administrator Mode

1. Close iChart

2. Right-click on the iChart application icon and select “Run as Administrator”

Selecting Administrator Mode as the Default

iChart and weatherVIC can be set to run in Administrator mode as a default so the above steps are not required.

1. Right-click on the iChart shortcut.

2. Select Properties.

Figure 1: iChart Properties


3. Open the Compatibility tab.

4. Enable the checkbox labeled “Run this program as an administrator”.

Figure 2: Run as Administrator

REV: 14A21

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