If more than one mV-RS485 adapter is connected to the SDL the Modbus addresses must be changed such that each adapter has a unique address.

1. Connect only one mV-RS485 adapter to port P0 while ensuring no other Modbus sensors or adapters are connected to the SDL.

2. Open iChart. Select Open Without Project if prompted.

3. Select Advanced | mV-RS485 Adapter | Setup… from the menu bar.

Figure 1: mV-RS485 Adapter Setup


4. Select the correct PC COM Port and Connection type from the drop down lists.

Figure 2: Connection Window


5. Click Connect.

6. Click on the Configuration tab and wait for the data to load.

7. Check the Edit Modbus Address box, then enter the desired Modbus address in the box to the right.

Note: Each adapter connected to the same SDL must have a unique address.

Figure 3: Changing the Address


8. Click Apply.

9. Click Close.


REV: 13G19

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