Register Information

Once connected, the following registers can be used to collect data and change the sensor’s Modbus address.

Function 0x04 (Read input registers)
RegistersData TypeData SizePurpose
0x0006,0x0007Float2 registersRequests the temperature recorded by the T-Node FR in Celsius


Ex. FB, 04, 00, 06, 00, 02, 85, 90

Requests the Celsius temperature reading of a T-Node FR from the universal Modbus address of 251.


Function 0x10 (Write multiple registers)
RegisterData TypeData SizePurpose
0x1000Integer1 registerChanges the Modbus Address of the T-Node FR to the send data


Ex. FB, 10, 10, 00, 00, 01, 02, 00, 05, 0D, 36

Changes a T-Node FR at the universal Modbus address of 251 to a new address of 5.

Universal Address

The T-Node FR is programmed such that any sensor will respond to Modbus address 251. This is implemented for the event that the sensor’s current address is unknown. This address should only be queried with one sensor connected to the data line. If more than one sensor is connected, both will respond and a bad message is likely.


REV: 13H06

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