Each T-Node FR has a factory-assigned Modbus address of 1. When the nodes are assembled in a string, each successive node must have an address 1 greater than the previous node. For example, if the first node in a string of five nodes is addressed 10, the successive nodes must be addressed 11, 12, 13 and 14, respectively. The following process is used to change the address of an individual T-Node FR.

1. Disconnect all T-Node FR sensors or other RS485 sensors from the SDL500 or iSIC Data Logger.

2. If an SDL500 submersible data logger or CB series buoy is being used, connect T-Node FR to port P0 or port D.

If an iSIC Data Logger is being used, make sure the T-Node FR string is wired into the logger appropriately following the T-Node FR sensor interface guide.

Note that the wiring shown in this sensor interface guide has the Red wire (power) going into the switch power port, Pin 2 (SW.A) on the Digital Terminal strip. Disconnect all power sources from the iSIC Data Logger, then remove the terminal strip as shown below. Move the Red wire from Pin 2 to Pin 3 (BAT), then reconnect the terminal strip and power source. Pin 3 provides full power and will make the Modbus address change easier.

move red wire from sw.a to bat pin 2 to pin 3

Figure 1: Move Red Wire from Digital Pin 2 to Digital Pin 3


move red wire from sw.a to bat pin 2 to pin 3

Figure 2: Move Red wire from Digital Pin 2 to Digital Pin 3



Figure 3: Move Red wire from Digital Pin 2 to Digital Pin 3


Note: The address of the connected T-Node FR is the only one that can be changed. Do not connect more than one T-Node FR when trying to assign a new address. 

3. Open iChart. It is not necessary to open a current project.

4. Click Advanced | mv-RS485 Adapter Setup. The T-Node FR/mV-RS485 Adapter Setup window should appear.

T-Node FR mv-RS485 Adapter Setup

Figure 4: T-Node FR/mV-RS485 Adapter Setup Window


5. Select the correct Connection type. In the Modbus Address dialog box, enter the address if it is known. If the Modbus address of the T-Node FR is not known, enter “251.”

6. Enter the correct iSIC (or SDL500) Address. Click Connect.

7. When connected, click the Configuration tab. If there is no information on Firmware, Hardware or ID, connection to the single node was not established. Go back to Step 1.

t-node fr setup window

Figure 5: Configuration Tab


8. Check “Edit Modbus Address.”

9. Enter the new address. Click Apply.

The T-Node FR’s address has been changed. Place the T-Node FR in the appropriate position within the string.

If wiring within the iSIC Data Logger was changed (Step 2), change it back to the original configuration.


REV: 13K09

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