NexSens mV-485 adapters can be used to connect sensors with voltage outputs (e.g. 0-5 VDC) to the iSIC or SDL500 data logger when an analog port is not available. The adapter reads the mV output from the sensor and converts it to RS-485 Modbus format. Each adapter must be configured for the specific sensor to which it is connected. This internal configuration is performed through iChart software. In order to set the configuration, a connection must be established to the adapter using the following process:

1. In iChart, go to Advanced | TNode FR/mV-RS485 Adapter.


Figure 1: Open Configuration Menu


2. Enter the appropriate communication settings and Modbus address of the adapter to be configured. In many cases, the connection to the mV-485 adapter will be made through an iSIC or SDL500 data logger. Select the appropriate Connection type, iSIC (or SDL) Address, and any other applicable settings (PC COM PortIP Address, etc). A UW-USB-485R cable can also be used to connect the adapter directly to a PC USB port. For this method, select Through iSIC as the Connection  type and choose the appropriate PC COM Port. If a COM port is unknown, click here for instructions to identify it.

If the Modbus address is unknown, the universal address 251 can be used to find the device, but only if it is the only Modbus device connected. Otherwise, the exact address must be entered in the Modbus Address field.


Figure 2: Enter Communication Settings


3. Click the Connect button to open a connection to the device. When the button changes to Disconnect, click the Configuration tab to access the configuration settings. If the current configuration of the device does not show correctly, go back to the Connection tab, check the settings, and retry the connection.


Figure 3: Access Configuration Menu


4. Verify that the adapter configuration has been read successfully. The Modbus address, sensor type and scaling factors should all display.


Figure 4: Confirm Connection


5. Once connected, the menu can be used to:

– Select the type of sensor to be used with the adapter and set the scaling factors

– Change the Modbus address of the adapter

Change the gain setting of the adapter

Set a zero offset

If any settings are changed, click Apply to submit the changes.

6. When finished, go back to the Connection tab. Click Disconnect to terminate the connection. Then, click Close to exit the menu.



REV: 14G08

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