The Modbus address and zero calibration of the APG PT-500 submersible pressure transducer can be set in iChart using the following process:

1. Go to Advanced | Sensor Interface | APG PT-500 to access the APG PT-500 Setup menu.

APG PT-500 1

Figure 1: Open PT-500 Configuration Menu


2. Enter the iSIC/SDL500 data logger communication settings and the Modbus address of the PT-500. The default Modbus address is 1 unless otherwise noted.

APG PT-500 2

Figure 2: Connect to PT-500


3. Once the Connect button changes to Disconnect, click on the  Configuration tab.

APG PT-500 3

Figure 3: Read PT-500 Configuration


4. If the sensor is on switch power, the fields in the Sensor Reading box will read “???”. Turn on switch power by placing a check in the Turn SW.A ON/OFF box, and then click Refresh. The Sensor Reading box should now display valid readings. If it does not, check the data logger communication settings on the Connection tab and try to connect again.

APG PT-500 4

Figure 4: Turn ON Switch Power


5. To change the Modbus address, place a check in the Edit PT-500 Modbus Address box in the Sensor Setting field and enter the desired address (1-247). To zero the sensor, place a check in the Edit box and press the Zero Pressure button. Click Apply to submit any changes.

APG PT-500 6

Figure 5: Set Modbus Address


6. Turn off switch power if it was enabled in step 4.

7. Go back to the Connection tab and click Disconnect.  Then, click Close to exit.



REV:  14H28

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