The AccuStage level sensor can easily be installed in a 1” or larger stilling well or deployment pipe, or can be deployed beneath NexSens data buoys.

Additionally, for best level measurements, make sure the AccuStage is installed below the lowest anticipated water level during unattended deployments.

For vented sensors, care should be taken to keep the cable jacket from bending tighter than a one inch radius. This can pinch the vent tube, thus preventing an accurate vented level reading.  Prevent moist air from entering the vent tube.  A NEMA 4X enclosure with desiccant and Gortex vent is recommended.


There is very little maintenance required for AccuStage vented level sensors, because they are designed for long term deployments in submersible applications. However, high fouling environments can cause the nose cap to become clogged, resulting in erroneous level readings.


Never attempt to clean the AccuStage nose cap or diaphragm with a sharp object. This could dent the sensor diaphragm and cause permanent damage to the transmitter.

Instead, it is recommended that a soap scum cleaner or hard-water stain remover be used. Follow the procedure below to clean the sensor:

  1. Fill a container with the cleaning solution.
  2. Fill a second container with 50/50 diluted cleaner.
  3. Fill a third container with fresh water.
  4. Beginning with the first bowl, hold the cable about six inches from the sensor housing and stir gently in the solution for 20-30 seconds.
  5. Repeat stirring in the diluted solution and finally in the water.
  6. Wipe dry with a soft rag or towel.


AccuStage vented level sensors should be stored in a cool, dry place.


REV: 13G26

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