Each WQSensor ships assembled, tested, and calibrated to factory specifications. To get started, insert the WQSensors software CD included with the sensor into a computer and follow the wizard to download and install the software. Note that the WQSensors software is compatible with Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows 7 32-bit.

Preparing for Measurements

WQ-pH sensors are shipped with the pH bulb moist. Prior to using a WQ-pH for the first time, follow these three steps to condition the electrode:

  1. Remove the protective cap or boot from the bottom of the electrode and rinse the electrode with distilled or de-ionized water. (Note: Keep the protective cap or boot for use later during storage).
  2. Place the electrode in a beaker containing 4.0 pH buffer or 4.0 M KCl. Soak for 20 minutes.
  3. After conditioning the electrode for 20 minutes, rinse the electrode with distilled or de-ionized water. The electrode is now ready for calibration and to measure pH.

Note:  When handling pH electrodes, rinse the electrodes with distilled water before and after measuring a sample. Blot the end of the electrode with a lint-free cloth to remove excess water. Never wipe the electrode to remove excess water – wiping can create static charges that interfere with a correct pH measurement.


wq-ph sensor parts diagram

Figure 1: WQ-PH Smart USB Sensor

REV: 13H31


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