Constructed with impact resistant polycarbonate, gel electrolyte, double junction, and full pH range glass, this WQSensor is ready for thousands of measurements. An integral temperature sensor automatically compensates ORP readings for sample temperature. An internally stored unique ID and GLP file ensures quality data and tracks calibration status.

What’s Included

  • WQ-ORP: ORP & temperature sensor with 6 feet of cable and integral USB connector
  • WQ-BOT: WQSensor storage bottle
  • WQSensor Software & Knowledge Library CD
  • WQSensor Quick Start Guide

Common Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionDetails
1006WQSensors softwareSensor interface and data collection program included with the purchase of any WQSensor
WQ-ASensor arm for up to 5 sensorsUsed for hands-free measurements for up to five WQSensors
WQ-STIRMicro-stirrerUsed with the WQ-PLATE to stir samples near the sensor
WQ-PLATEMagnetic stir plateMagnetic stir plate used to automatically stir samples during measurements


REV: 13H21


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