Each WQSensor ships assembled, tested, and calibrated to factory specifications. To get started, insert the WQSensors software CD included with the sensor into a computer and follow the wizard to download and install the software. Note that the WQSensors software is compatible with Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit and Windows 7 32-bit.

Preparing for Measurements

When preparing to take measurements with the WQ-FL, follow the procedure outlined below:

  1. Remove the protective sensor cap from the end of the sensor. Do not touch the sensing module with bare hands.
  2. Make sure the reference fill solution level is above the reference fill line (see figure below).
  • Note that the reference fill solution can be added using the small nozzle on the reference fill solution bottle provided with the sensor or alternatively using a small syringe and needle.

To add reference solution, slide the fastfill cap sleeve down and add solution through the hole in the sleeve. Make sure that no air bubbles are trapped inside the sensor before closing the fastfill cap sleeve.


Typical ion selective electrode WQSensor

Figure 1: Typical ion selective electrode WQSensor


3. Rinse the electrode with distilled or deionized water and blot dry. Do not rub the sensing module.

4. Place the sensor tip in distilled or deionized water and stir for five minutes to ensure the electrode is completely clean.


REV: 13H16


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