If the response time and/or quality of data collected by a WQSensor decrease, try cleaning and reconditioning the probe. If these steps do not resolve the problem, consider replacing the sensing module to boost performance.


The sensor can be cleaned using distilled or deionized water. Rinse thoroughly as necessary but avoid using any detergent or other cleaning products.


Over time, deposits will develop on the silver anode and platinum cathode due to the reduction of oxygen.  These deposits are easily removed with the polishing strips supplied in the WQ-DO sensor package.

  1. Unscrew Membrane Cap at the bottom of the electrode.
  2. Rinse the internal anode/cathode element with distilled water, blot dry.
  3. Use the polishing strips provided with the sensor to polish the platinum cathode and silver anode.

Platinum cathode:  Place a polishing strip on the sensor tip, apply light finger pressure, and twist in a circular motion.

Silver anode:  Wrap the polishing strip around the anode and twist in a circular motion, again applying light finger pressure.

  1. After polishing, thoroughly rinse with distilled or de-ionized water and blot dry.
  2. Replace the Membrane Cap and fill the new one with DO electrolyte. Finger-tighten until snug. Do not over tighten. Rinse the assembled electrode with distilled water.


wq do sensing module assembly

Figure 1: WQ-DO Dissolved Oxygen Smart USB Sensor Sensing Module Assembly


Short Term

For storage over a 1-3 day period: The assembled electrode should be stored in a moist environment, such as in the provided calibration/storage bottle cup or in a beaker of water. When storing in a calibration/storage cup, place a small piece of sponge inside that has been moistened with distilled or de-ionized water.

Long Term

Completely disassemble the electrode. Rinse the anode/cathode element and Membrane Cap with distilled or de-ionized water. Blot dry all of the parts. The Membrane Cap may be placed on the electrode, but do not tighten. Store all parts securely in the original box.



REV: 13H17

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