WQSensors are water quality sensors with a direct USB interface, providing a connection without meters, batteries, or power supplies. WQSensor water quality measurement parameters include bromide, calcium, chloride, fluoride, ammonium, nitrate, dissolved oxygen, oxidation-reduction potential, pH, and temperature.

WQSensors such as the WQ-CL chloride sensor that use ion selective electrodes incorporate a refillable double junction reference electrode with user replaceable sensing module. Each sensing module is composed of an ion-specific membrane. A measurement of the electric potential created across the membrane by specific ions is compared to the reference electrode, and a net charge is calculated. This net charge is directly proportional to the concentration of the specific ion.

WQSensors Software provides an interface to calibrate, log, and analyze data. Data for up to four sensors can be displayed in real-time, and reports that include graphical data representations and statistical summaries can be generated automatically. The software also includes a science library with an interactive periodic table, unit converter, and other useful science utilities.


WQ-CL Chloride Image

Figure 1: WQ-CL Chloride Smart USB Sensor

REV: 13H16


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