What’s Included

The WQ-BR Bromide ISE Sensor includes the following accessories and spares to get started and keep the unit operational:

  • WQSensors software & science library CD
  • Bromide standard solution, 1000 ppm as Br, 30 mL bottle
  • Bromide ionic strength adjuster (ISA) solution, 5 M NaNO3, 30 mL bottle
  • Bromide reference filling solution, 10% KNO3, 30 mL bottle
  • ISE sensor storage cap
  • Solid state ISE polishing strips
  • Quick start guide

Common Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionDetails
BR12Bromide ISE moduleUser replaceable threaded bromide ISE electrode
WQ-ASensor armUsed for hands-free measurements for up to five WQSensors
WQ-PLATEStir plateMagnetic stir plate used to automatically stir samples during measurements
WQ-STIRMicro-stirrerUsed with the WQ-PLATE to stir samples near the sensor
SD0BR2-500Bromide standard solutionUsed for sensor calibrations, 1000 ppm, 500 mL
AJ0BR1-125Bromide ionic strength adjusterUsed to ensure samples and standards have a similar ionic strength, 125 mL
RF0BR1-125Bromide reference filling solutionUsed to refill the WQ-BR reference module


REV: 13H09



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