Each T-Node Water Temperature Sensor includes a certificate of calibration card. UW underwater plugs are also included as required for terminating temperature strings.

Common Accessories

Part NumberDescriptionDetails
UWUnderwater cableUsed for assembling T-Node temperature strings, various lengths available
UW-AUnderwater armored cablesUnderwater cables with anti-chafing armor
T-Boost1-Wire signal boosterUsed for increasing the length limit and sensor capacity of a single temperature string
MS8-TNODEUnderwater to MS8 cable adapterUsed to connect T-Node temperature sensor to a NexSens iSIC data logger
T-ClampT-Node mooring clampUsed to secure T-Node strings along a mooring line
SS187Stainless steel mooring lineUsed for buoy and sensor mooring systems
UW-2WsensorBUS signal splitterUsed for adding an SDI-12 or RS-485 sensor at any position along a temperature string


Note that the T-Node uses unique NexSens UW underwater connectors for interfacing with accessories.


REV: 13H07


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