SymptomPossible CauseCorrective Action
Temperature data is displayed as a value between -99999 and -100001Leakage into a connector Check each underwater connection for flooding
String disconnected (or severed cable)Check the physical setup and condition of the temp string
Temperature Readings appear as 85°CTemp string power cut off, not supplied, or shorted to groundCheck system power connections for proper wiring and adequate voltage
Data is displayed as +555.5Moisture in a connectorDry the connector
iChart can not detect (or intermittently detects) temp stringThe string is too long (more than 14 T-Node temperature elements and/or a total length greater than 15 meters)Add a T-boost Signal Booster in line with the temp string


If issues persist, contact NexSens Customer Support.


REV: 13H08

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