The NexSens T-Node water temperature sensor utilizes a digital sensor secured in a protective housing for underwater deployments in fresh, brackish, or seawater. The sensors can be connected in series using UW underwater cables and suspended vertically in a water column or horizontally along a stream or riverbed. Double o-rings (both gland and face seals) ensure a reliable and watertight connection.

Temperature data is transmitted on the 1-wire bus. Additionally, the T-Node offers pass-through signals for SDI-12 and RS-485, allowing the user to connect other environmental measurement sensors along the string. This sensorBUS architecture has been designed so researchers can easily build and customize multi-point sensor strings and environmental monitoring networks.

T-Node sensors feature a plug-and-play interface to NexSens SDL500 submersible data loggers, which can be housed within a floating data buoy platform. The SDL500 can collect data internally as a standalone unit, or it can come equipped with a radio or cellular telemetry modem for continuous, real-time monitoring.

For interface to SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems or data loggers that do not support the 1-wire bus, a NexSens data logger can be configured as a slave to interface with other equipment.


T-Node Temperature Sensors

Figure 1: T-Node Temperature Sensors in a string


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