Calibration Records

Each T-Node uses a bandgap-based digital temperature sensor subject to a precision factory calibration for NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable temperature measurements. Calibration data remains stored at the factory and is presented to the end-user in the form of a calibration card provided with each temperature sensor. Records can be referenced via the serial number engraved on each sensor.


TNode Serial

Figure 1: T-Node showing serial number

Determination of Coefficients

Quadratic equations unique to each temperature sensor are employed to ensure sensor accuracies of ±0.1ºC. Coefficients a, b, and c are determined from a stepwise calibration process over a 50 to 0ºC temperature range. Readings are then verified for accuracy by reversing the calibration procedure and analyzing the resulting data sets.



Figure 2: T-Node Calibration Certificate

Note that temperature readings from degrees Celsius take place in iChart software following data collection and temperature measurement processing.

Although T-Nodes are capable of holding the initial factory calibration indefinitely, temperature strings may be sent in for a factory recalibration every two years to ensure maximum sensor performance.


REV: 13H07



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