UW underwater connectors provide a plug-and-play interface for connection to NexSens SDL500 Submersible Data Loggers.

The SDL500 sensor bulkhead includes sensor connection ports identified as T, P1, P0, A and D.


SDL500 Sensor BH

Figure 1: SDL500 sensor bulkhead

For temperature strings that have less than 14 T-Node temperature elements and/or a total temperature string length less than 15 meters, connect to Port T on the SDL500 sensor bulkhead.

All other temperature strings with 15 or more nodes and/or a total temperature string length greater than 15 meters require the use of a T-Boost Signal Booster. In such cases, connect the T-Boost directly to Port P0 on the SDL500 sensor bulkhead, and then connect the temperature string to the signal booster.

Signal boosters require 12 to 16 VDC power to operate. To accommodate this, SDL data loggers with long temperature stings that require a T-boost must use internal batteries even when the data logger is connected to a computer via the SDL USB interface cable.


REV: 13H08



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