Part NumberDescriptionDetails
SDL500Submersible data loggerFully submersible data logger designed for use with NexSens data buoys. Telemetry options include cellular, radio, and satellite.
TowerAluminum buoy towerProvides beacon mounting and deployment housing for SDL500 data logger.
502-A15Beacon, LEDMounts to buoy tower, 15 flashes per minute.
SP55-Watt solar power packSolar power pack includes 5-watt solar panel, charge regulator, and 12 VDC, 8.5 A-Hr battery, 3 suggested.
SP5-PHSolar power harnessUsed to connect up to three SP5 solar power packs to an SDL500.
BAL20Ballast weight, 20 lb.Additional ballast weight for especially rough deployment conditions.
DOR35AnchorPyramid anchor, 35 lb.
DOR70AnchorPyramid anchor, 70 lb.
SSPA375-BOWShackleBow shackle, 3/8
SSPA500-BOWShackleBow shackle, 1/2
SSPA625-BOWShackleBow shackle, 5/8
SS187Stainless steel mooring lineUsed for buoy and sensor mooring systems.
HGPC500iChain, ½”Galvanized steel chain used for buoy moorings.
PLM-NB60RMarker buoy, 18” diameterUsed for 2-point buoy mooring systems.
T-BumperCable bumperUsed to prevent sensor cable chafing during deployment.


REV: 13C07

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