CB-400 Drawing

CB-400, CB-400S



DimensionsTower: 23” diameter, 26” heightHull: 36” diameter, 12” heightOverall: 57” height (without instrument cage), 81” height (with instrument cage)
WeightCB-400: 95 Lbs. (with SDL500, cage and tower)CB-400S: 120 Lbs. (with solar, RBP500, SDL500, cage and tower)
MaterialsHull: cross-linked polyethylene foam with polyurea coatingTower: cross-linked polyethylene foam with polyurea coating
Maximum Buoyancy400 lbs.
Mooring Attachments(7) ¾” stainless steel eye nuts, (3) top-mounted and (4) bottom-mounted
Suitable EnvironmentsFreshwater lakes, protected coastal waters, rivers, reservoirs, estuaries
Power OptionsRBP500: 8.5 A-Hr Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batterySDL500 (not included): (8) D-cell alkaline batteries
ChargingCB-400S: (3) 10-Watt solar panels with solar regulator


REV: 13C01

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