RBP500Rechargeable battery packProvides power to an SDL500 in a CB-400S. Optional on CB-400.
CAGEInstrument mooring cageFor water sensor deployments.
914Deployment pipe4” Sch. 80 PVC pipe with threaded adapter.
SDL500Submersible data loggerFully submersible data logger designed for use with NexSens data buoys. Direct connect.
SDL500CSubmersible data loggerCellular telemetry.
SDL500RSubmersible data loggerRadio telemetry.
SDL500ISubmersible data loggerIridium satellite telemetry.
502-A15LED BeaconMounts to buoy tower, 15 flashes per minute.
DOR35AnchorPyramid anchor, 35 lb.
DOR70AnchorPyramid anchor, 70 lb.
SSPA375-BOWShackleBow shackle, 3/8
SSPA500-BOWShackleBow shackle, 1/2
SSPA625-BOWShackleBow shackle, 5/8
SS187Stainless steel mooring lineUsed for buoy and sensor mooring systems.
HGPC500iChain, ½”Galvanized steel chain used for buoy moorings.
A-3-REDMarker buoy, 18” diameterUsed for 2-point and 3-point mooring systems.


REV: 13C11

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