Caution!!!- Be sure to statically ground yourself prior to touching any of the electronics inside the iSIC V2 logger or the SD card itself

Tools Required:

-9/16″ Socket Wrench

-5/32″ Allen Wrench

  1. Remove the UW-6 and UW-8 (if Equipped) connectors from the base of the iSIC V2 housing.

  2. Remove the (4) 3/8-16 bolts securing the V2 to the AVSS mounting plate using a 9/16 socket wrench.
  3. Loosen and remove the SMA RF connector (if applicable) at the top of the V2.
  4. Remove the iSIC V2 from the AVSS enclosure.
  5. Use a 5/32 Allen Wrench to remove the four outer screws to lift off the back plate.
  6. Remove the back plate to expose the iSIC V2 PCB and Cell Modem.
  7. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the four screws mounting the RTU PCB to the main board.
  8. Use even pressure on the top and bottom of the RTU board and lift upwards gently to disconnect it from the main board.
  9. Gently rotate the RTU board and locate the SD card slot located directly underneath the yellow RTC battery .
  10. Push the SD card inwards slightly until a click is heard and pull it out to remove.
  11. Install the new SD card identically to the original and click into place.
  12. Carefully align the RTU board connector pins back to the main board socket and use even downward pressure to put it back in place.
  13. Secure the RTU board in place using the (4) Phillips screws and lock washers removed prior.
  14. Re-assemble the iSIC-V2 system in reverse order as covered in steps 1-6