On the Project’s Admin tab, there are the following options available:

Step 12- Add Project Collaborators

Multiple users can view a project using unique account logins provided each e-mail address used has registered with a free WQData LIVE account first. The project owner or any administrator may give new users access by navigating to the Admin tab on the project page, entering the corresponding e-mail address and assigning an access tier.

Admins can change project settings including sample/log intervals.

Collaborators will only have view access to data.


Step 13- Configure Advanced Transmission Settings

Options include Forwarding data to an email address (raw XML, requires post-processing) or sending data via FTP instead of sending information to WQData LIVE. For Satellite systems, the iridium mailbox settings for data upload can be configured here as well.

To transmit data to an FTP server instead of storing/managing it on the NexSens WQData LIVE datacenter, enable FTP by selecting the ‘Send data to an FTP server instead of WQData LIVE’ option. After this a menu will appear where the FTP server information can be entered. Once configured click ‘Save’. Following the next transmission, the FTP settings will be applied and device contact with WQData LIVE will cease.

Click HERE to proceed with Alarm Configuration for the data logger