The NexSens 2100-iSIC Landline Modem supports telephone communication between a remote monitoring site and a computer base station. It incorporates a NexSens iSIC that controls the landline modem and monitoring instruments on the communication network.

Shown below is an example site:


2100 iSIC Typical Site

Figure 1: 2100-iSIC Typical Site


The above system consists of the following components:

1. Analog Telephone Line Connection
2. PC running iChart Software
3. 2100-iSIC Landline Modem with Data logger
4. Analog Telephone Line Connection
5. A22 20-Watt Solar Panel
6. Environmental Monitoring Instruments

A computer running iChart software will have a configuration file, called an ICR on it. This file is created in iChart and holds information such as which data loggers are used, and which sensors are connected to that data logger. With this ICR file data can be uploaded and processed from the data logger.


REV: 13G12


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