The inability to communicate with a 2100-iSIC data logger can be caused by a variety of reasons: problems on the computer, problems on the iSIC, or problems with the communication between the two.

Before troubleshooting any iSIC communication problem, it is best to turn Auto interrogation off. Do this by selecting Project | Pause Auto Interrogation.

  • To resume automatic data retrieval, select the Unpause Auto-Interrogation command.

Communication Check

1. In the current iChart project file, right-click on the data logger in the Navigation panel and select Property.

2100 isic navigation panel

Figure 1: Right-click 2100-iSIC and select Property


The iSIC Data Logger Communication Properties dialog box will open.

2100 iSIC Data Logger Communications

Figure 2: iSIC Data Logger Communications Properties


Verify that the correct COM port is being used. Click Test Connection.

1. Cycle power to the iSIC data logger by removing the two fuses inside of the iSIC enclosure and then reconnect them. There should be a green flashing LED light visible through the opening above the Analog strip.


LED Light

Figure 3: LED Light


2. Check to make sure the phone number entered in the iSIC Data Logger Communications Properties window is correct.

3. Call the iSIC from a regular phone (such as a cell phone or analog phone line). After two rings, there should be a dial tone that sounds like a dial up internet or fax connection.

  • If this doesn’t work, check to make sure the number is correctly set in iChart and that the phone line is not busy.
  • If the phone line keeps ringing, power down the iSIC (by removing the two fuses) and disconnect the analog green terminal strip. Then connect an Analog phone to the phone line and check for a dial tone.

4. If a dial tone is there, call the phone from another line to see if the phone rings.

  • If this works, reconnect the data logger phone line cable and make sure the data logger has a secure connection to the phone line.

5. Make sure the data logger is not in direct connect mode.

If the phone line works with a regular phone, the iSIC powers up (Note the blinking LED) but the phone line does not work with the iSIC data logger, contact NexSens for information on sending the unit in for evaluation.


REV: 13J19



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