When year-round deployment of a NexSens CB-Series buoy is not possible or desired, the following maintenance steps are required to ensure that the system is best prepared for the next sampling season.

  1. The buoy should be stored in a relatively dry environment that is above freezing. Cold temperatures can weaken the PVC joints for deployment pipes.
  2. Disconnect the 6-pin solar panel plug from the buoy’s SOLAR port as soon as the buoy is taken out of the water. This plug acts as a switch supplying power from the equipped batteries to the data logger. If the panel is left connected over a long period of time during storage, the batteries will be run down and may require replacement as a result.
  3. While the buoy is stored, it is recommended that its batteries are topped off approximately every 2-3 months either by using a CB-PW-AC float charger or by moving the buoy out into the sun and reconnecting the solar panel. This will keep the system battery from self-discharging.
    1. Note that unless the sample and log interval of the logger is changed, data will be logged during this time. If having a span of invalid data stored on the data logger memory is not desired, change this interval before charging.

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