Devices may be secured to the buoy cage using neoprene rubber strips, cable ties and CM-600 Cage Mount clamps.

Figure 1: Items needed to mount device


1. Begin by cutting a strip to fit the mount clamp and place it on the side that will sit on the cage. Locate where the mount clamp will go and set it in place. Two strips of neoprene rubber should be placed on the exposed metal.

Figure 2: Mount clamp on cage


2. Place two small strips on the device and mount it on the clamp. Place strips underneath the cable ties and secure it to the clamp. Note that a cable-tie tightener may need to be used.

Figure 3: Mounting device to clamp


Figure 4: Secure with cable ties


3. Use extra cable ties to secure loose cables to the buoy cage and secure the instrument with a rope or chain.

Figure 5: Chain used to secure instrument to buoy


REV: 14G23

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